Dausen Protective Case-Anti Shock Iphone 11 Pro - TPU - Transparent

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سعر الخصمجنيه 350.00

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 حصريا لعملاء ڤاليو قسط اونلاين فقط بـ0% فائدة ومن غير أي مصاريف إدارية حتى ٦ شهور 


  • Fit ] Designed for iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 ")
  • Increase Your Happiness and Health ] We include orange and the dopamine symbol with every Dausen product because, as you know, orange triggers the human brain to release dopamine, a good hormone that provides happiness, beauty and immunity. The soft transparent protective case is not only a protective device, but also something that benefits life.
  • Ultra Clear Design ] The crystal clear design of the phone case makes everything simple. Microdots inside the case prevent wet "sticking", so common among clear cases, and allow users to fully showcase the beautiful appearance of their iPhones.
  • TPU material ] TPU material provides crystal clear transparency and long-term durability without the risk of damage (no yellowing).
  • Ultimate Protection ] The 1.5mm protective phone case is equipped with shockproof air bumpers to prevent damage to the phone when dropped. The raised edges prevent scratching the screen and camera when dropped.
  • Perfect Grip ] Rubberized TPU bumpers ensure a good grip of the whole phone as well as all buttons. The phone case is easy to install and remove, providing our users with the easiest but best working experience.
  • Orange Dopamine ] The little orange dopamine on the back of the phone is all you'll ever need. It serves as a reminder for users to fill their lives with as much dopamine and oranges as possible, leading users to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives.

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