Braun All in One Hair Trimmer with Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor for Men

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وفّر جنيه 50.00

سعر الخصمجنيه 1,100.00 السعر الأصليجنيه 1,150.00

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 حصريا لعملاء ڤاليو قسط اونلاين فقط بـ0% فائدة ومن غير أي مصاريف إدارية حتى ٦ شهور 


  • Rechargeable all-in-one wet and Dry trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance vs. Previous generations of Braun beard trimmers
  • 9-In-1 trimmer for beard, face, hair, body, ear and nose trimming, and a free Gillette Fusion5 Paraglide razor for clean shaving
  • Lifetime Sharp blades and 13 length settings for ultimate styling precision for men
  • Autosensing motor that adapts to any beard type For an effortless trimming experience
  • German technology with Li-ion+ battery for 100 minutes of trimming after only 1 hour of charging

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