Apple 12W USB Power Adapter - Home Charger - White

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  • Use this compact and convenient USB-based power adapter to charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning connector at home, on the road or whenever it’s not connected to a computer. You can connect the adapter directly to your device via the Lightning connector.
  • Featuring a compact design, this power adapter offers fast, efficient charging.
  • Charging cable sold separately.


iPhone Models 
- iPhone 3G 
- iPhone 3Gs 
- iPhone 4 
- iPhone 4s 
- iPhone 5 
- iPhone 5c 
- iPhone 5s 
- iPhone SE 
- iPhone 6 
- iPhone 6 Plus 
- iPhone 6s 
- iPhone 6s Plus 

iPad Models 
- iPad (1st generation) 
- iPad 2 (2nd generation) 
- iPad (3rd generation) 
- iPad with Retina display 
- iPad mini 
- iPad mini 2 
- iPad Air 
- iPad Air 2 
- iPad mini 3 
- iPad mini 4 
- iPad Pro (9.7-inch) 
- iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 

iPod Models 
- iPod 4th Generation (click wheel) 
- iPod 4th Generation (color display) 
- iPod 5th Generation (video) 
- iPod mini 
- iPod nano 1st Generation 
- iPod nano 2nd Generation 
- iPod nano 3rd Generation (video) 
- iPod nano 4th Generation (video) 
- iPod nano 5th Generation (video camera) 
- iPod nano 6th Generation 
- iPod nano 7th Generation 
- iPod shuffle 3rd Generation 
- iPod shuffle 4th Generation 
- iPod touch 1st Generation 
- iPod touch 2nd Generation 
- iPod touch 3rd Generation 
- iPod touch 4th Generation 
- iPod touch 5th Generation 32GB/64GB 
- iPod touch 5th Generation 16GB 
- iPod touch 6th Generation 

Watch Models 
- 38mm Case 
- 42mm Case

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