Nillkin Car Holder IPhone 6S – Rose Gold

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Nillkin Car Holder case for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S

 NILLKIN Car Holder New Golden border: Inheriting classic Gothic design with gold border; Quality space aluminum with accurately CNC cutting technology ; Perfectly fit iPhone; Like the armor specially designed for General, presenting a cold and strong business style; Combining accurately machined PC back panel to provide 360°protection for the phone; Like a brave General on the battle of excellent protection performance. Exquisite metal border, same sand blast technology with i6; Good touching sense; Anode oxide painting art; Gold shining.Use oil injection for back cover, fingerprints and scratch disappear easily.Micro fiber surface for inner side of the border and back panel, protecting phone from scratching.Double protection; Wearable and drop protection.Have thin iron sheet on the back cover, then use the magnetic car holder, don’t worry about the phone falling, You can use phone well when you are driving.Quality silicone material; Flexible silicone; Hold vents well; Perfect hardness, won’t hurt phone and your car; Magnetic bottom use the silicone design to improve the friction viscosity; Seamless for your phone, car holder and car. Optional colors:black,golden,rose gold.

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