Remax Proda Power Bank Crave 12000 Mah

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Remax Proda Power Bank Crave 12000 Mah is available for purchase in increments of 1


Power Banks Remax Prodi Crave 12000 mAh is equipped with USB output and a mobile phone is allowed to connect microUSB cable‎.‎ Made in the classic green‎,‎ extremely lightweight and modern‎.‎ Power backup power bank Remax Prodi Crave 12000 mAh has a capacity of 12‎,‎000 mAh‎.‎ Excellent tool if it is not possible to connect to a wired network‎.‎ The battery capacity allows two to three charge current smartphone‎.‎ Versatility is ensured by using a USB port‎.‎
Just this backup battery charge and only pack with you on trips to the countryside‎,‎ to the water or on any longer trip‎.‎ This helper Power Banks Remax Prodi Crave 12000 mAh appreciate especially in situations when you do not have access to the electricity grid‎,‎ such as barbecue parties in the camp‎.‎ For perfect relaxation we recommend you still get a speaker or headphones‎.‎
Power Banks Remax Prodi Crave 12000 mAh mobile phone meets all of the requirements and expectations of a demanding customer because you never leave ‎"‎no juice‎"‎‎.‎ The big advantage

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Compatible with اتش تي سي, ال جي, انفينيكس, اوبو, سامسونج, سوني, لينوفو, مايكرو سوفت, نوكيا, هواوي
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